Application Forms

EBASA membership is open to all legal persons who share in its interests of education, collaboration and cooperation with the relevant authorities and stakeholders to conserve the various species it represents through keeping and breeding in captivity.

Membership Application Fee for 2023:
R250 per adult member

Existing EBASA Members due for renewal don’t have to complete the application form again. The simplified Renewal form will make it so much simpler and reduce the admin burden.

Members will be issued with a unique membership number, a membership card
and membership certificate. Membership is renewable annually, including payment of an annual fee.
EBASA merchandise, including bird rings, clothing and other apparel will be announced from time to time.

Membership Application

To Become an EBASA Member, please fill out this application form.

Existing Member Renewal Application

To renew your membership, please fill out this application form.

Bird DNA Test Form

To perform a DNA test on your bird, please fill out this application form.

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