Exotic Breeders Association South Africa

​The Exotic Breeders Association South Africa (EBASA) was established in October 2019 at the adoption of its constitution in Cape Town. As recent as this may seem, EBASA is an evolution of the Western Province Breeders Club, which started in 2017 with a handful of members in Cape Town and quickly grew to a membership of almost 200 across the country and across the border within a short 3 year period. The limitation with the club was its sole focus on birds, specifically parrots. The formation of EBASA was to expand this focus to a much broader and diverse membership and species representation and to accommodate for the pet owner, exhibitionist and breeder, from newcomer to expert.

Our Aim

EBASA was established to fulfil a need existing within the South African context, that being to become a formal establishment representing the interests of pet owners, breeders and keepers of exotic animals such as birds, reptiles, monkeys, fish and other less
represented species and their interests in a climate of misinformation, misrepresentation and opposition to the conservation and advancement of these species through captive breeding and keeping.


The main objectives of the association are to protect the interests of the various species and keepers or breeders of these species through engagement and formal relations with the relevant stakeholders, such as the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA), Cape Nature (CN), the SPCA, and other organizations and regulatory bodies. EBASA seeks to promote interest in, and education about the various species it represents to the general public to garner interest and ultimately promote legal, responsible and coordinated conservation efforts with its members in collaboration with stakeholders.
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